Successful 2019 User Symposia and planning under way for 2020

By Jean-Marie Aulnette | 2019年12月2日(月曜日) - 07:30

Record Attendance 2019

We saw record attendance at our User Symposia in Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston and Cambridge.

The success of the Symposia is largely due to end-user participation, from both attendees and speakers and we were fortunate to have thoughtful and engaging presentations from organizations as varied as Kolmar CJ Healthcare, Chong Kun Dang, Ono Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., DiCE Molecules, Teijin Pharma Ltd, WuXi AppTec, Denali Therapeutics Inc., Vividion, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Foghorn Therapeutics, AbbVie, Roche, Clariant and BASF.

Many attendees commented on how useful it was to have such a comprehensive overview of the Dotmatics Product Roadmap and how helpful it was to interact with their peers and Dotmatics Application Scientists and Support Team.

Hear what some of the attendees thought in the 2 min Vox Populi below!

Dotmatics really enjoys hosting the series of User Symposia – providing the opportunity to connect with our customers in one place and for attendees to share experiences. We’re already planning 2020 Symposia and look forward to seeing you!

Great UGM, as always good to see Dotmatics staff keen to find out what customers want to see from products. New versions highlight this ambition to improve.

A remarkable company, great direction and focus and the meeting sums it up nicely with very strong presentations.

Great to learn how others are incorporating Dotmatics into their own systems.

Good to learn what the up and coming developments at Dotmatics are.

This Event is always added value for all customers! Well done - please continue.

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