2012 has seen three of the largest global Petrochemical companies in the world adopt Vortex from Dotmatics

Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom, June 11th 2012. Vortex from Dotmatics is a data visualisation and analysis solution that provides the tools needed to plot and chart data, and explore trends and relationships within any type of dataset. It also enables different areas of the petrochemical business to efficiently share and manage its data. Chemistry and Engineering departments often work on projects together but use different software solutions to meet specific needs. Vortex from Dotmatics has the versatility to meet not only the data management needs of both these groups, but also other non-technical areas within the business.

Some of the largest Petrochemical companies have replaced their existing spreadsheet methods and commercial business intelligence solutions with Vortex. Each company has its own individual reasons, but all relate to the need to reduce costs and IT overheads through the implementation of a single solution for similar tasks.

Specific examples of what Dotmatics’ Petrochemical customers use Vortex for include:

  • The ability to view Chemical structures as well as engineering, financial and marketing data all through a single software solution.
  • Applying scripting functions to extract specific data from multiple files, combining this into a single data set and displaying the results as a dashboard, all in a few seconds.
  • Trellising a multi-line plot to show individual plots, with the click of a button.
  • Integrating with other existing data warehousing and management solutions.

Dotmatics’ philosophy of agile development and flexible licensing helps meet our customers’ technical and commercial requirements time and time again.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how Vortex is used in the Petrochemical industry.

About Dotmatics

Dotmatics has rapidly emerged as a preferred informatics supplier to many of the top global chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic organisations. Dotmatics is a scientific software company deploying web-based knowledge solutions that dramatically improve the way scientific data is queried, managed and shared within companies. Dotmatics has significant expertise in chem- and bioinformatics techniques including chemical databases, SAR analysis, data management and data visualization. A privately owned company, Dotmatics was founded in 2005 and has its head office based south of Cambridge, UK.

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