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Solving Critical Data Challenges for Chemically-modified, Biologically-based Therapeutic Candidates

Wednesday, Jul 21 2021 By Andrew LeBeau


The drug discovery research industry is seeing a growing prevalence of chemically-modified, biologically-based
therapeutic candidates1. This trend creates urgent and novel challenges for data management and analysis informatics
software, necessary for supporting cross-functional teams of scientists bridging across biology and chemistry. We
discuss key challenges and how to address them, such as rigour in scientific definition of candidate therapeutics and
opportunities to automate and streamline data analysis workflows. The goal is to ensure scientists have the highest
quality data to work with, and the time they need to drive drug discovery innovation.

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About the author: Andrew LeBeau

Andrew LeBeau, Ph.D., is Associate Vice President for Product Integrations at Dotmatics. He joined Dotmatics in 2017 in a biologics product marketing role, bringing more than 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Following the acquisition of Dotmatics by Insightful Science, Andrew now leads a Product Integration Team. This team has a broad remit to define the strategy for, and then implement, the orchestration of products across the full company portfolio, to ensure seamless support of data-driven workflows. Prior to Dotmatics, Andrew held Product Marketing and Product Management positions at Illumina and Accelrys / Biovia.