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Dotmatics as a Disruptive Technology at Debiopharm


The Challenge

Data Silos Create Innovation Headaches

Debiopharm International SA is a mid-sized drug development company focused on oncology and infectious diseases which recognized that it needed to put in place data management processes to support its continuously expanding growth and innovation. Initially, the company had no central repository for information and data had become spread across the organization in different silos; this is a common problem in life science organizations. As a result, Debiopharm researchers were finding it increasingly difficult to collaborate effectively with more colleagues, which had a knock-on impact on productivity. This lack of overall structure meant that:

  • Research data was not accessible to everyone who needed it
  • Costs for managing inventory and reagent stock were increased
  • Experiments were difficult to search
  • Researchers had challenges with communicating and collaborating with CRO partners

All of these factors reduced the efficiency of the data management process and hindered innovation.

Like many pharma organizations, Debiopharm has scientists operating in multiple locations. However, the lack of a single online repository for data meant that researchers often had to be physically in the same room as each other to collaborate effectively; an increasingly concerning problem at a time when innovation is mostly happening through multi-disciplinary research. At the start of 2018, when new Global CIO René Van Den Bersselaar joined the company, Debiopharm decided to overhaul its data management processes and champion a new way of working, by engaging Dotmatics.

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