Speakers - Korea Symposium 2019

Hanjo KIM, PhD

Principal Researcher

CJ Healthcare, New Drug Research Center

After Hanjo received his PhD (2004 at Yonsei University) in organic chemistry, he worked in the field of molecular modeling and cheminformatics. His previous positions include team leader at BMDRC, research staff at NUS, and head of R&D center at Equisnzaroo inc. In late 2015, he joined CJ Healthcare as a Principal Researcher, New Drug Research Center.
Currently, Hanjo’s main interest lies in support/education/deployment of molecular modeling and cheminformatics techniques for medicinal chemists. He is also developing and maintaining in-house software/scripts for specific tasks of pharmaceutical R&D process.

Hyunmo Yang

Principal Researcher

Chong Kun Dang

Hyunmo completed his master's degree in medicinal chemistry at Chungnam National University. He then joined Chong Kun Dang in 2006 after working at Chungnam National University's Pharmaceutical Development Research Center. In 2013, Hyunmo started studying Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD). He holds patents for a variety of new drug candidates in both phase 2 and phase 1 clinical trials and is currently working on the introduction of a compound database in Chong Kun Dang.

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