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BIO-IT World Europe

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Oct 18-19, 2022
12:10pm - 12:25pm
Berlin, Germany

BIO-IT World Europe

The world’s premier event showcasing the technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine.

The event will take place at Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin. You can find Dotmatics at Booth 11 or see us at our featured talk on Wednesday, October 19. See below for more detail.

Featured Talk:
Integrating Drug Discovery Data and Workflows
with Dotmatics Solutions
Date: October 19
Time: 12:10pm - 12:25pm
Speaker: Melanie Nelson, Senior Solutions Architect at Dotmatics

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Speakers and Panelists

Melanie Nelson

Melanie Nelson is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dotmatics, focusing on building Solutions to streamline scientific workflows. She has been with Dotmatics for four years and has worked in scientific information management for more than 20 years, helping other scientists get more value from their data. She has a Ph.D. from The Scripps Research Institute.