The Scientific Informatics of Biology in Bio-pharma and Bio-materials

Join Dotmatics' Andrew LeBeau, AVP of Biologics Marketing, for this 20Visioneers15 webinar!

The world as a whole is getting to experience the complexity of biology. The truth is we do not know too much about biology today and have vast amounts of information and knowledge to uncover and discover for centuries to come. The variety, the volume, and the relatedness are why you need solid approaches to scientific and research informatics; in other words, your data and knowledge need to be organized, managed, and shareable. This webinar is going to focus on foundational informatics tools needed in biological drug and material discovery today. We will cover the solution space and have representatives from industry and scientific software companies represent their current and near-future capabilities.

14:00 EDT | 11:00 PDT | 19:00 BST

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2020, June, 16 | 18:00 – 19:00

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