Dotmatics Digital | 2020 - Speaker Bios

Benjamin Horning

Senior Scientist


Benjamin Horning (Benji) was born in Portland, Oregon. He received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Oregon, working with professor Michael Haley studying metallabenzenes. He then performed graduate studies with professor David MacMillan at Princeton University, where he studied the total synthesis of the akuammiline alkaloid natural product Vincorine. His postdoctoral studies, with professor Benjamin Cravatt, focused on the development of methyltransferase photoaffinity probes. He began work at Vividion immediately following his postdoctoral studies, beginning in June of 2016. One of his many job functions at Vividion is to manage Dotmatics functionality, including user administration, form building, data analysis, project views and templates, and training.


Vividion in a pre-clinical biotechnology company implementing a cutting-edge chemoproteomics platform coupled with vanguard medicinal chemistry to explore covalent (and non-covalent) inhibition of traditionally undruggable targets. We have implemented Dotmatics as our integrated registration, ELN, data management and visualization solution, enabling rapid deployment and scalability as we grow. This talk will share the history of Vividion, highlighting how Dotmatics played a role in our growth, and discuss recent and future implementations of additional Dotmatics functionality.


Raquel Miranda Hoggett

Small Molecule Discovery Workflows Service Manager


Raquel Miranda Hoggett originally graduated as a computer engineer and has been managing scientific applications in the chemistry research area for over 10 years. Now as the service manager of the small molecules workflow at Roche pRED she is responsible for, among other things, the management of the electronic lab notebooks for the chemistry research group. Today she will be giving us some insights into our latest project which is focused on improving the capabilities of the existing ELN.


Roche provided input to the development of Dotmatics Reaction Explorer in a project to streamline combined reporting from internal and CRO ELNs. Roche scientists generate thousands of experiments per year globally and they needed to improve the search capability of their internal ELN to reduce the amount of time required to generate patents. This talk will provide context on getting more information from your existing ELN data, facilitating patent writing and partnering with Dotmatics on new products.


Jarrod Medeiros

Director, Informatics and IT

Casma Therapeutics

Jarrod Medeiros is a typical scientist-turned-informatics person. After working in the lab at companies like Novartis, Millenium, and EMD Serono, Jarrod realized he was a data nerd and found his way to informatics software at IDBS and Riffyn. After 8 years on the vendor side, Jarrod made the jump back to biotech and has been covering all aspects of IT and Informatics for Casma since shortly after inception.


In our second year, Casma Therapeutics is implementing the Dotmatics platform as a key piece of informatics infrastructure. As an early-phase company focused on discovering new molecules to activate autophagy, our needs are quite diverse and rapidly evolving. We’ll discuss our journey so far, plans for the future, and how Dotmatics fits into our overall ecosystem.


Rob Brown, Ph.D.

VP of Product Marketing


Rob Brown is VP Product Marketing at Dotmatics. He previously spent 10 years at Biovia (formerly Accelrys) where he was responsible for the product marketing teams for cheminformatics, and bioinformatics for the Life Sciences industries. Prior to its acquisition by Accelrys, Rob was the Director of Product Marketing for Pipeline Pilot at Scitegic. He also held positions at MSI and Abbott Laboratories. Rob received his PhD in Cheminformatics from the University of Sheffield, UK under the direction of Prof Peter Willett.


This first part of this talk will introduce Dotmatics and our scientific informatics software to those attendees who are new to our solutions.

The second part will then discuss recently released new capabilities and ongoing development projects within the Dotmatics platform and solutions for small molecule discovery. Recent developments for biologics discovery will be reviewed by Andrew LeBeau in a separate session of the meeting.


Andrew LeBeau, Ph.D.

AVP for Biologics Marketing


Andrew LeBeau, Ph.D., is Associate Vice President for Biologics Marketing at Dotmatics. He joined Dotmatics in 2017, bringing more than 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry. At Dotmatics, Andrew leads Dotmatics’ strategic product definition and marketing activities in support of the rapidly growing field of biologics drug discovery.

Prior to Dotmatics, Andrew held Product Marketing and Product Management positions at Illumina and Accelrys / Biovia.


“Biologics drug discovery” represents a diverse and every-expanding set of therapeutic types, including entities that bridge between chemistry and biology. Using a variety of entity types as examples, we’ll discuss how the Dotmatics suite of applications supports research efforts across these types, including ongoing development projects. For an introduction to Dotmatics scientific informatics software, be sure to watch Rob Brown’s session of the meeting.


Jon Patterson

Head of Partners and Alliances


Jon works with Dotmatics partners across the US, Europe and APAC. Jon came to Dotmatics with 19 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D and research informatics. In his recent role he was the Head of Business Development at TetraScience managing the go-to-market team and strategic partnerships. Prior to that Jon served as Head of US Sales and Operations at ChemAxon. Jon obtained undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from NC State University and an MBA in Health Sector Management from Boston University.


Ira Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer

HighRes Biosolutions

Ira Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer at HighRes Biosolutions, a leader in the design and construction of innovative robotic systems and laboratory devices used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and academic research laboratories.

Ira leads project management, sales and support at HighRes. Ira personally ensures every customer and every project receives a high level of attention and support.

Prior to joining HighRes, Ira was Director of Research and Development at Freedom Sciences, where he developed innovative robotic hardware for people with limited mobility. Before that he was at Merck for six years, where he led many successful projects for various screening groups at Merck, including the integration of systems capable of screening 1 million samples in less than a week, the development of an enterprise data warehouse for capturing and reporting screening results, the development of analytical approaches for combining screening results with chemical structure, and the implementation of real-time, automated quality control monitoring of screening processes. Ira graduated with a BS in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Vermont, and an MS in Computer Science from Villanova University.


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