Dotmatics for Chemicals and Materials Research

R&D IT infrastructures that supports chemicals and materials research need to fulfill significantly different requirements than those typically found in life sciences organizations. The main reason for this is that developing performance chemicals/materials generally involves:

  • Combining diverse scientific approaches
  • Developing novel processing methods
  • Employing a much broader set of analytical techniques

In this webinar Max Petersen, AVP of Chemicals and Materials Marketing, discusses how Dotmatics data-centric R&D IT platform provides a unique solution to this challenge, with particular focus on:

  • Dealing with workflow complexity – combining data of multiple disciplines in one place
  • Implementing data intelligence – allowing scientist to make the most of their data
  • Reducing IT infrastructure complexity – simplifying integration and deployment efforts

The webinar will also cover example implementations for formulations workflows, catalyst design and semiconductor research.

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2019, October, 30 | 16:00 – 17:00

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