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BASF and Dotmatics Feature in Chemical Week


Implementing a ‘Data to Value’ R&D Strategy

Why BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division chose Dotmatics as its technology partner

Chemical companies are increasingly embracing R&D data as encoding the very essence of scientific discovery. For research driven organizations looking to constantly innovate, data utilization based on a wealth of corporate knowledge has become their highest priority. Therefore, companies are reevaluating their existing R&D IT infrastructure and making strategic decisions on how to augment or replace existing infrastructure.

Joachim Dickhaut, Senior Principal Scientist at BASF Agricultural Solutions, is a key figure in the BASF’s Agricultural Solutions R&D digitalization project, named ‘Data to Value’: he connected the needs of the scientific community with the requirements of BASF’s R&D IT team, and mapped the Dotmatics platform capabilities onto all relevant scientific workflows. We caught up with Joachim in late 2020 to review some of the most impactful experiences of BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division team during the implementation and rollout phases: