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Helping Science Teams Work Remotely

Monday, Jan 11 2021 By Rob Brown


2020: The year of remote working – even for lab scientists

In 2020, we saw our customers make huge changes to their business practices. In the early days of the pandemic this was very quickly figuring out how to work remotely. Then it soon became how to adjust to a hybrid model; bringing scientists back into the labs to conduct their essential research, while maintaining remote interaction and social distancing outside the lab.

As companies now think about long term sustainable plans, some of the changes in how we work and connect look like they’re here to stay. At Dotmatics we have been excited to be able to play a small part in helping our customers make these new work practices a success:

  • Our cloud systems are designed to provide real-time access to all scientific project data coupled with powerful analytics and visualization, for all team members irrespective of location. In the past this has been use to make external collaborations with partners and CROs successful, but has now also proven to be invaluable as team members within an organization have had to be remote from each other when not in the lab
  • Our cloud based electronic lab notebook allows scientists to plan their experiments and enter data just as easily whether they are in their lab, in the office, or at their kitchen table. In this way, they can optimize their available time in the lab to conduct their experiments, and then vacate the lab space for write up and planning to maintain distancing and free up lab capacity for other users
  • Our lab data automation solution BioBright, allows data to be captured from instruments, processed and visualized or sent for analysis, in a fully automated way that does not require scientists be in the lab for any part of the data collection process

You can read more about how Dotmatics helped Debiopharm ensure their data and transactional systems were accessible to their distributed workforce in this case study.


About the author: Rob Brown

I joined Dotmatics in 2015 and have over 20 years of experience in the scientific informatics industry. I head up the Product Marketing and Product Management teams and together we are responsible for understanding our customer needs and industry trends and then making sure that those translate into the products that Dotmatics builds. In Product Marketing Andrew LeBeau brings extensive expertise in Biologics discovery and development and Max Petersen who has many years of experience in the Chemical and Materials Industries. On the product management side, Adrian Stevens is a hugely experienced scientist and product manager and has built an entire product management organization from scratch.