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Q - Will my research data be secure? A: The Dotmatics Cloud platform is built on the AWS hosting environment, and inherits the physical and environmental security controls provided by them. AWS hold many certifications relating to information security and business continuity – more information can be found here:

Q - Do I have the option for on-premise data storage? A: The majority of our customers choose to use our cloud hosting facilites, with some multi-national organizations choosing to use a private cloud or on-premise option.

Q - Can I integrate with third-party software? A: Dotmatics' platform provides RESTFul APIs for automations and to allow integration with third-party software within a companies informatics landscape.

Q - How does an ELN help me secure my IP? A: Dotmatics' platform has a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail and electronic signature. An encrypted PDF generated and stored on completion of experiments.

Q - How many experiments can I store in my ELN? A: Dotmatics provides unlimited experiments and full scientific search encouraging collaboration between teams of researchers.

Q - Which scientific domains does your ELN cater to? A: Dotmatics provides a paper-on-glass Discovery ELN in addition to more structured ELNs covering Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Formulations and Analytical.

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