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Kicking Off the 2020 Events Calendar – Dotmatics Heads to SLAS and Beyond

Tuesday, Feb 18 2020 By Rob Brown


Here at Dotmatics, 2019 was a very busy and exciting year! We won a Queen’s Award for International Trade, celebrating with a garden party in our UK office where the Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire presented the award, we also hosted six user symposia with record levels of attendanceacross Asia, Europe and North America.

In 2020, we’ll continue to work closely with customers, developing products to meet their needs, and we’ll be hitting the road to attend all major industry events. We started off our events calendar with SLAS in San Diego in January. Always a great meeting, this year saw more than 5,000 professionals gather from the life sciences and technology industries, and it was good to see and speak to our peers from across the spectrum. Attending alongside me was Andrew LeBeau – who focuses on the field of biologics. We were looking forward to discussing new lab, data automation and drug discovery trends, and finding out what other industry experts predict we will see in the year ahead.

While at the conference, we also met with a number of leading life sciences and lab-focused publications, including Instrument Business Outlook, BioCompare and Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. Andrew recorded a video interview on the latest developments in biologics, and what Dotmatics offers in this area, with LabTube – we’ll share the video on our social media channels as soon as it is released.

Andrew talked about the latest trends in biologics. One of which is a multimodal approach to drug discovery research, rather than deciding in advance whether a therapeutic will be a small molecule or a biologic, pharmaceutical companies are applying all the scientific resources they have to solving the problem. The second major trend being chemically engineered biologics i.e. naturally occurring biologics are modified to improve their therapeutic potential.

Our other conversations with journalists focused on the Internet of Lab Things (IoLT) and why drug discovery companies need to continue their digital transformation journeys adopting an informatics platform to support their R&D activities. We also talked about the growing prominence of integration between IoLT and research informatics systems, and how the connection can be automated to harness efficiency, improve data quality and ultimately improve outcomes. We will be discussing more about IoLT and the Lab of the Future throughout 2020 with industry peers, through membership of the Pistoia Alliance and its ‘Lab of the Future’ group.

Finally, we discussed with customers and attendees the latest updates to our platform, Dotmatics 5.5. One of the biggest updates we made was adding kinetic assays in studies, enabling the screening ultra-protocol to support the processing of kinetic assays. Dotmatics 5.5 also included a major update to the Dotmatics Browser user interface and made significant changes to Reaction Workflow, including improvements to the scope and navigation of the reaction store which contains all the known chemistry within the system.

SLAS provided a great opportunity for us to meet up with and discuss new ideas and technology with our industry peers and partners, which we will continue to do throughout the year. We hope to see you at one of the other events we will be attending in 2020!


About the author: Rob Brown

I joined Dotmatics in 2015 and have over 20 years of experience in the scientific informatics industry. I head up the Product Marketing and Product Management teams and together we are responsible for understanding our customer needs and industry trends and then making sure that those translate into the products that Dotmatics builds. In Product Marketing Andrew LeBeau brings extensive expertise in Biologics discovery and development and Max Petersen who has many years of experience in the Chemical and Materials Industries. On the product management side, Adrian Stevens is a hugely experienced scientist and product manager and has built an entire product management organization from scratch.