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D4O v1.8 Released

Monday, Jun 24 2019 By Christopher Collins


Dotmatics advocates giving scientists easy access to their data. Many tools are available to assist with this and the latest release of Dotmatics4Office (D4O) makes the availability faster and easier than ever.

D4O is a Microsoft™ Office® plugin for Excel®, Word, PowerPoint®, Outlook® and OneNote®. It connects directly to Dotmatics Browser and allows seamless access to data from within MS Office. It also adds chemical intelligence to documents. Time can be saved and errors reduced by automatically accessing relevant data at the push of a button.

Whilst many scientists are used to handling data in Excel, being able to interact with chemical information inline can help in many situations. This includes loading and saving SDFs, chemical sketching using the built-in Elemental drawing tool or your preferred structure editor, substructure searching, chemical property calculation, R-group analysis and reaction enumeration. In addition, standard Excel features will continue to work alongside the structures such as filtering, copying and pasting etc. When used alongside Dotmatics Browser, data can be retrieved using IDs, structures, saved queries or live searches. In addition, the Check In Registry feature can allow users to see if large numbers of structures (for example from a vendor catalogue) have already been registered. Lists of highlighted data can be opened in Dotmatics Vortex or Browser.

D4O is not just a tool for use in Excel. Chemical intelligence and connections to Browser are integrated into PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and OneNote. With the use of a saved PowerPoint template and scheduled Browser queries, preparation for regular meetings can be dramatically reduced as users produce presentations within moments. These templates are easier than ever to produce with recent improvements to the template helper in the sidebar. In any of these tools, sketching ideas inline, loading files or querying Browser becomes second nature.

The latest version continues to enhance the user experience through background connections to Browser. This improves performance and allows users to see what data is available to them within seconds. Improvements have been made to installation and licensing, together with increased support for different customer deployments.

By Christopher Collins, Ph.D. QA Team Leader, Dotmatics

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About the author: Christopher Collins

Chris is the QA Team Leader at Dotmatics. In this role, his main responsibility is to ensure that Dotmatics products are tested prior to major and incremental releases using a variety of techniques (automated and manual). Chris joined Dotmatics in 2011 as an Application Scientist. In 2017 he transferred to the QA Team and has headed this team up since then. Prior to joining Dotmatics, his roles included QA and data analysis. He holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry in the field of molecular modelling of proteins and a Masters in Chemistry, both from The University of Birmingham (UK).