Dotmatics and eMolecules Announce Partnership to Deliver Next Generation Intelligent Chemical Sourcing

New component combines eMolecules’ federated collection of commercially available chemicals with the power of Dotmatics’ flexible search

Bishops Stortford, UK and San Diego, California – April 19, 2016 – Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services to the life sciences industry, and eMolecules announced today that they have formed a key partnership to offer eMolecules’ comprehensive collection of chemicals within the powerful, fast and flexible Dotmatics Platform.

The result of the partnership will be a new Dotmatics eMolecules component that will enable users to select chemical compounds for sourcing, enhancing drug discovery, or chemistry research.

Users of VortexBrowser and Studies Notebook will now be able to benefit from the full eMolecules collection of chemical compounds enhanced with additional chemistry property data provided by the Dotmatics chemistry platform.

In the last 10 years, eMolecules has become the most widely adopted chemical sourcing database used by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. The wide coverage of building blocks and screening compounds collated from hundreds of vendors has led to it becoming a trusted source of chemistry information in the industry. The eMolecules database contains more than 7 million unique chemicals and more than 20 million products including different packaging and suppliers.

Dotmatics powerful chemically intelligent search engine enables users to query, search and retrieve results across the entire eMolecules database in seconds. Users will be able to rapidly search and identify compounds, available quantities, indicative pricing, and suppliers. In Browser they will be able to easily compare compounds and products from different vendors and make informed decisions about which compounds to purchase.

eMolecules’ data has been enriched with additional properties including matched molecular pairs, protecting group information and predicted properties provided by the Dotmatics platform. These benefits, available exclusively in the new component, will enable scientists to make the most appropriate decisions when selecting compounds for a synthesis or screening.

In addition, using the results from the compound lists generated by the Dotmatics-eMolecules component, organisations can simplify their sourcing and procurement process by using eMolecules’ fulfilment services directly.

“This partnership brings together a sophisticated database and our powerful search technology,” said Mike Hartshorn, PhD, Chief Science Officer of Dotmatics. “The chemical industry provides most of the raw material and products we use today from reagents to screening compounds; together with eMolecules, we will help customers easily manage the huge amount of data available for compound procurement”.

“Dotmatics is an ideal partner due to their extensive capabilities in knowledge management, data storage enterprise query and reporting, data analysis, and visualization,” said Niko Gubernator, PhD, CEO of eMolecules. “Together our companies are uniquely poised to empower researchers to accelerate chemical discovery.”

About eMolecules:

eMolecules is driven to remove the fear, hurt and heartbreak of health problems worldwide, by enabling scientists to accelerate their research to find the cures. To achieve this eMolecules provides business intelligence data and integrated ecommerce software for screening compound, chemical building blocks and primary antibody supply chains. These tools combined with their acquisition, aggregation and analytical services greatly empower drug discovery researchers working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, CRO and agrochemical industries. A privately owned company, eMolecules was founded in 2005 at its San Diego headquarters and has offices in Boston and London employing over 40 people across the three sites.

About Dotmatics:

Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile scientific environments. The company provides solutions to several vertical markets, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, food and beverage, oil and gas and agrochemical industries. Dotmatics’ enterprise solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable, providing effective scientific information management across entire organisations, from discovery research to development and early manufacturing. Dotmatics has significant expertise in scientific informatics, including database management for chemistry and biologics, electronic laboratory notebooks, chemical and biological registration, screening data management, SAR analysis, reporting, and visualisation. Dotmatics solutions are available for local or cloud deployment and they are supported on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  A privately owned company, Dotmatics was founded in 2005 and their headquarters is based south of Cambridge in the UK. Visit

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