Dotmatics’ Enterprise Platform selected by Cancer Therapeutics CRC to support collaborative research across multiple locations in Australia

Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom, June 1st 2012 - Dotmatics Limited, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, announced today that, Cancer Therapeutics CRC, have deployed Dotmatics’ enterprise platform for data querying and analysis across its multiple research sites. Browser, Dotmatics’ enterprise query platform, and Vortex, a premium data visualization and analysis tool, have been implemented by Cancer Therapeutics CRC to enhance data sharing, communication and increase research output. Collaboration is critical for Cancer Therapeutics CRC who operate a collaborative business model with multiple academic, research and industrial partners.

Dotmatics’ Vortex is a world-class visualisation and analytics platform designed specifically for analysis and interrogation of scientific data. Vortex provides users with an out-of the-box filtering, charting, plotting and chemically aware calculations engine, enabling scientists to evaluate large datasets in a rich, intuitive and flexible user interface. Browser is a web-based flexible enterprise query and reporting solution for biological and chemical datasets. Browser enables users to query and report data from a variety of 3rd party and disparate data sources. Using a simple web-page interface, Browser gives the power back to the user to create complex reports in a fast and simple way. Both Browser and Vortex are specifically designed for R&D organisations to enable fast and accurate retrieval of research data and thus expedite the drugdiscovery process.

“The Browser and Vortex combination is hugely powerful and intuitive to use” said Dr Ian Holmes, Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Cancer Therapeutics CRC. “Despite working on opposite sides of the world the entire setup process was efficient and painless. Dotmatics responded rapidly to issues and were able to instigate specific technical fixes often within a matter of hours” he added.

“We are delighted to deploy our software tools at Cancer Therapeutics CRC. It is great to see how our solutions are being adopted across the world” said Dr Stephen Gallagher, Dotmatics’ CEO.

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