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Intuitive and versatile data visualisation and analysis solution, and an alternative to spreadsheets.
Vortex is a data visualisation and analysis solution for all industries. As an alternative to spreadsheets, it provides the plots and functionality required to explore and understand any complexity and size of data. Vortex is also available with full chemical structure intelligence.

What it does

  • Create visualisations very quickly using data of any type.
  • Handles data sets that are too large for many commercial solutions on the market.
  • Has inbuilt data mining, statistical and calculation functions.
  • Imports data from many data source types.
  • Visualisations include, 2D and 3D plots and even chemical structures.


  • Ease of use – A single solution to visualise data from many sources.
  • Versatile – Many different visualisation types available.
  • Fast paced – Interactive workspace/dashboards.
  • Minimum overheads – Low training and maintenance overheads, due to different installation options.
  • Flexibile – Supports a number of operating systems.
  • Integrated – Data filtering and manipulation functions inbuilt.
  • Accessible – Web-based implementation.

Key Features

  • Import data from flat files, spreadsheets and CSV formats.
  • Import data directly from databases, including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Plots include, line, scatter (2D or 3D), surface, radar, profile etc…
  • Charts include bar, pie, plat viewer, heat maps etc…
  • Inbuilt chemical structure visualisations (Elemental).
  • Build an interactive workspace, made up of many features.
  • Links directly with Browser, data management solution.
  • Exports directly to PowerPoint.
  • Exports visualisations as images as well as data in Excel and CSV formats.
  • Saves templates and workspaces.
  • Statistics, Equation Editor and Profiling functionality.
  • Workspace combining and appending facilities.
  • Implement as standalone, server or online.
  • Run on Windows, Linux and Apple operating systems, including iPads.

What have customers said about Vortex?

  • “We are very happy to be working with Dotmatics who provided an excellent and responsive service” Fujifilm  
  • “Vortex clearly saves much time and effort in revealing “hidden” relationships and rapidly providing specific hit-lists” Uppsala University