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One of the biggest challenges engineers and scientists face is to manage very large amounts data, most commonly transient (time dependent) data, or data from multiple iterations of an experiment, or both. Using spreadsheets can be very time consuming and sometimes impossible to visualize and analyse this amount of information efficiently.

Vortex allows you to get an understanding of the information quickly, to find relationships between different parameters, to find trends and points of interest through its interactive visualizations and workspaces.

Vortex provides you a better insight into your data in a fraction of the time.

Scripting functions allow you to read in multiple files of data and automatically combine or append them to create a single table of data. This provides huge time savings, as you don’t need to read in each file individually. Visualizations and analysis can further be automated through the powerful python scripting capabilities.

Aerospace – Flight and mechanical test data

Automotive – Engine, fuel and lubrication test data

Chemical and Process – Catalyst, biofuel and reaction data

Defence – Physical and simulation data

Oil & Gas and Offshore Drilling – Site test data

Power and Energy – Design and Optimization data

Manufacturing – Monitoring and maintenance data

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