As in a relay race, Academic research involves continual personnel change and handover of information. Projects, resources, researchers and students move on leaving behind vast amounts of information and knowledge legacy that needs to be taken forward by the next generation. The ability to explore legacy data and easily continue on-going projects are key factors for successful academic research. In addition, collaboration across different groups, universities and geographies is now more important than ever. Dotmatics’ suite of solutions helps researchers work more efficiently while improving communication and collaboration.

Collecting Data: Using Studies Notebook (ELN – Electronic Laboratory Notebook) you are able to store data following your standard laboratory procedures. The flexible web-interface and data modelling will enable you to easily adapt the notebook to multiple research areas, from Chemistry to Biology.  Studies Notebook can be shared across multiple groups and multiple geographies, thus stimulating research collaborations. The implementation of Studies Notebook is very cost effective and it requires minimal IT-overhead. Dotmatics provides the solutions to maintain the quality and quantity of your information for publications, dissertations or theses and IP protection functionality.

Querying and sharing data: Browser is a powerful and easily adaptable data management solution that enables you to selectively share information with internal and external partners for querying and analysis purposes. Administrators control the security settings allowing users and groups to access only the information that is relevant to them, thus protecting the IP of the team. Browser can query all of your data sources and it is closely linked to Studies Notebook as well as Register, Pinpoint and Bioregister. Browser allows you to easily monitor the progress of different research projects and ensure that grant money is being spent effectively. Inbuilt reports can help you justify projects and grants as well assist you in creating new proposals.

Analyzing and visualizing data: Vortex from Dotmatics is a versatile and comprehensive data visualization and analysis tool, which has an extra benefit of being chemistry-enabled, so no third party solutions are required to visualize molecular structures. It is designed to analyze millions of data points in an effective and rapid manner. Interactive multiple data plots, graphs, tables and filters coupled with statistical analysis tools enable you to uncover information that may be hidden in a deluge of data. Vortex can be used in conjunction with Browser to seamlessly query and analyse data stored in your databases.

D4O (Dotmatics for Office): This add-on for Microsoft applications enables chemical structure visualisation within spreadsheets, thus coupling all the power of Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook with Dotmatics’ chemistry property calculators and search capabilities.

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