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Making importing of flat files into a unified database simple and efficient
Nucleus is an intuitive database importing solution for flat data files, such as spread sheets. Scientists can quickly import data from legacy data, in-house formats or information from external partners directly into the database.

What it does

Using a simple user interface scientists are guided through the data uploading process in a few easy steps. Data from files such Excel, SDF or TSV can be directly uploaded to the database ready for query and reporting in our Browser solution.


  • Accessible – Web-based for convenient access from any location.
  • Flexible – Designed to handle all types of data import.
  • Minimum overheads – Has a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Ease of use – Embeds into Browser to create a complete database management system.

Key Features

  • Data does not have to conform to a particular structure, as Nucleus is customisable.
  • Mapping options can be simple advanced
  • Extendable API for custom implementations.
  • Can perform straight one to one mappings from a file into a single database table.
  • Includes an option to map into a highly scalable and flexible data-model to prevent data silos being created.

What have customers said about Nucleus?

We were very impressed with Nucleus and Browser. We had a large number of Excel, and csv files containing our legacy data, using Nucleus we mapped them in few hours and we were ready to query these data in a day or so.
Major CRO, United Kingdom