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Elemental intuitive powerful chemical structures drawing is available on the ipad Free app



The Elemental Suite: A chemistry drawing package for every scientist’s needs.

The Elemental Suite is a comprehensive set of chemical structure editors that enable scientists to draw, edit and save structures and reactions as well as calculate properties. This multiplatform suite enables chemistry on the go, facilitating the capture and sharing of scientific information.

  • Elemental Draw is a chemical drawing software than runs on your Windows computer
  • Elemental App is designed for your mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads
  • Elemental DB enables scientists to search chemical structures within the 1.2 million ChEMBL dataset
  • Elemental plugin enables developers to add structure drawings to their applications


What it does

Elemental Draw

  • Generate and alter structures, reactions and queries in a quality worthy of publication
  • Calculate chemical properties from a comprehensive list

Elemental App

  • Draw, save and even email chemical structures and reactions on mobile devices
  • Calculate chemical properties

Elemental DB

  • All the benefits of the Elemental App with connectivity to the ChEMBL dataset

Elemental plugin

  • Designed for developers who wish to integrate chemical intelligence within their own software or websites


  • Accessible – entirely web-based (written in javascript), so can be accessed from any location
  • Minimum overheads – requires no installation
  • Flexible – runs in all major web browsers
  • Versatile – ideal chemical drawing tool for use with Browser, Vortex, Studies, Register and D4O

Key Features

The Elemental Suite

  • Standard editor functionality, including copy, paste, delete, undo, select and move
  • Export options include MOL, RXN, SMILES and SMARTS formats
  • Easy manipulation of structures such as move, rotate, flip, torsion and clean
  • Violations of allowed valences are automatically flagged up
  • Incorporates keyboard short cuts to expedite common operations

Elemental Draw

  • Use a comprehensive set of atom and bond types
  • Easily create structures with R groups
  • Speed up your drawing with predesigned or user-defined templates
  • Save and retrieve SD and Mol files
  • Incorporate your sketches in Microsoft Office™ documents
  • Print to PDF
  • Multiple tabs enable you to work with multiple structures/reactions simultaneously
  • Right-click to clean up structures
  • Retrace your steps with multiple Redo/Undo
  • Annotate reactions or structures with free text

Elemental App

  • Save or email the structures and reactions drawn
  • No license or subscription required
  • Easily manipulate atoms and bonds
  • Change charges, isotopes and atom properties
  • Manipulate bond types and stereochemistry
  • Link to iTunes App Store

Elemental DB

Elemental plugin

  • Javascript plugin designed to sketch chemical structures
  • Enable chemical queries and browsing on your Web applications, examples include ChemSpider, Reaxys and all Dotmatics applications

What have customers said about Elemental?

“After we installed Elemental, it took some time for our chemists to get used to it. We requested some enhancements and Dotmatics responded very quickly delivering a drawing package that covers all our needs.”

Biotechnology organization, Spain


“Having users working with diverse operating systems, Elemental proved to be the right drawing package for our informatics setup. The server install minimizes the IT overhead required to support this application and saved us considerable amount of time.”
Biotechnology Company, Switzerland


“Elemental is by some way the most useful and practical scientific app i have found to date. If I were a chemistry or biology student i suspect I would find the price of an iPad worth paying just for this app.”

Elemental for iPad – Customer Review


” I am finding your app the best!!! I’m recommending it to some co-workers”

A University in Australia