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A powerful, customisable and user friendly solution for all data management requirements, Browser provides the hub for all Dotmatics solutions. Browser is a flexible and powerful web-based query and reporting solution. Developed in collaboration with scientists, Browser can be completely tailored to the needs of any industry. The solution integrates all disparate databases into a central place to allow the sharing of data from any geographical location with colleagues or collaborators.

Browser form

What it does

An intuitive and powerful querying and reporting tool.

  • Integrates data from any database whether it is chemical, biological, technical etc.
  • Create and share lists, queries and forms across projects or research teams.
  • Combines with other Dotmatics’ solutions to provide a complete and seamless data management and visualisation system.


  • Accessible – Web-based for convenient access from any location.
  • Minimum overhead – Does not require any client installs.
  • Time saving – Out of the box integration with Vortex for data visualisation, as well as all our other solutions including Gateway; our document management solution.
  • Integrates – Integrates with existing in-house tools to extend its capabilities further.
  • Versatile – Ability to create almost any view of data you wish.
  • Cost effective – According to our customers, they save on average a day per month per user versus other commercial solutions.

Key Features

  • Elemental embedded in Browser, or use any existing commercial chemical drawing tools.
  • Ultra high performance for both querying and browsing, no matter how much data you have.
  • Pinpoint embedded in Browser as well as integration with any commercial chemical cartridge.
  • Set up email alerts and schedule queries to be run.
  • Clone and re-design user level forms with the simple drag and drop interface.
  • Chemists can request samples to be run through assays. Biologists automatically receive list in Studies.
  • Use Boolean logic to produce complex queries of your data.
  • Perform R-Group analysis.
  • Create SAR tables.
  • Automatically calculate physical properties of molecules: XlogP, TPSA, MW, H-bond donor/acceptors etc.
  • Pivot data on the fly.
  • Export your data into SDF, CSV or Microsoft Office using Dotmatics for Office.
  • Print hit lists of data with complete control. Print tables or form views.

What have customers said about Browser?

  • “The Browser and Vortex combination is hugely powerful and intuitive to use”  Cancer Therapeutics CRC, Australia  
  • “We are further enhancing the way we globally consolidate and learn from biological and chemical research data” Basilea Pharmaceuticals  
  • “We found Dotmatics’ Browser and Vortex the clear leaders in terms of flexibility, performance and intuitiveness for the end user” CHDI Foundation